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About the Muzakkian Social Welfare Program

Muzakkian is dedicated to fostering positive change through impactful social welfare initiatives tailored to address critical needs within the community. Our commitment extends to supporting the Ummah and the Muzakkian community, ensuring that each program uplifts lives and contributes to a stronger, united society. From emergency funding to orphan support, homelessness initiatives to community food programs, and elderly care initiatives, our comprehensive approach reflects our dedication to the principles of Islam and humanity’s well-being and prosperity.

Empowering the Ummah with Zakat and Sadaha

At Muzakkian, we fulfill the sacred obligation of Zakat while empowering communities in the DMV region and beyond. As a member-governed social financial ecosystem, Muzakkian operates under the Order of the Artisans Foundation, a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization in Virginia, USA.

As the Amil, Muzakkian upholds transparency, accountability, and compassion in Zakat distribution. We focus on serving DMV communities, addressing economic, food, healthcare, and educational needs.

Muzakkian assesses DMV areas for Zakat support, collaborating with local organizations to ensure effective allocation. Your Sadaha contribution directly impacts vital projects, benefiting those in need worldwide. Join us in making a lasting change today.

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