The MUVE Fund

Mudaraba Ummah Venture Endowment (MUVE) Fund

Key Features of the MUVE Fund:

  1. Mudaraba Model: We follow the Mudaraba model, with investors providing capital and skilled entrepreneurs managing ventures, sharing profits while investors bear losses unless there’s negligence.
  2. Ummah-Centric: Our investments directly benefit the global Muslim community, promoting economic development aligned with Islamic values.
  3. Ethical Focus: All investments strictly adhere to Shariah law, emphasizing social responsibility, sustainability, and ethical practices.
  4. Long-Term Commitment: The MUVE Fund is designed for enduring value and benefits for the Ummah.
  5. Inclusivity: We encourage diverse Muslim community participation, fostering collective economic empowerment.


The Mudaraba Ummah Venture Endowment (MUVE) Fund is the embodiment of timeless Islamic finance principles and visionary investment strategies. It illuminates the path towards ethical financial progress and renewed focus within the Ummah.

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