The Muzakkian Ethical Gold and Silver Initiative


Ethical Buying

Buy Gold & Silver Ethically

Step into a world of ethical buying where your investments secure your financial future and uphold our shared values. Our pricing, ranging from 5% to 15% above spot, accounts for the true costs of ethical sourcing, refining, and labor, ensuring compliance with Sharia and ethical standards. As a Muzakkian member, you have the opportunity to utilize your Muzakkian Points for better rates, making your investment even more impactful. By choosing MEGASI, you support a system of transparency, fairness, and community welfare. Discover the rewarding impact of conscientious investing today.

Fair Selling

Sell with Integrity

Transform your gold and silver into a catalyst for change. Our transparent and fair selling process accepts your items from 5% to 15% below spot price, varying with the type of gold/silver (coins vs. jewelry, etc.) and its purity. This approach covers refining, labor, and operational costs while ensuring each transaction bolsters our charitable initiatives. Utilize your Muzakkian Points to achieve better selling rates, enhancing the value you receive and your contribution to our community’s welfare. Join us in making every sale a step towards positive change.

0-Riba Loans

Supportive Financing

Unlock compassionate, interest-free financial support with our secured Qard Hassan loans, where members can initially borrow up to 70% of their gold or silver’s value. Reflecting our commitment to flexibility and support, loan limits may increase based on your repayment history, active engagement through Muzakkian points, and your history of supporting Muzakkian initiatives and projects/programs. This structure ensures our financing solutions adapt to your evolving financial journey, fostering a supportive and enriching experience within the Muzakkian ecosystem. Embrace a financing option that grows with you, ensuring your values and financial needs are harmoniously aligned.

Join the movement towards ethical finance by supporting the Muzakkian Social Financial Ecosystem. Reserve your membership today and become part of a community dedicated to making a meaningful impact. Click below to support and secure your place in our mission-driven ecosystem.

A Curated Selection of Precious Metals on the

Muzakkian Bazaar

Explore our exclusive collection of gold and silver products on the Muzakkian Bazaar, each meticulously chosen for its ethical sourcing, Sharia compliance, and contribution to our social welfare initiatives. From investment-grade metals to unique commemorative pieces, find your next precious investment in our diverse marketplace.

Exclusive to Our KYC-Verified Members

Securely Sell Your Precious Metals

MEGASI offers a trusted platform for our members to sell gold and silver, prioritizing security, transparency, and ethical standards. Discover how our verified members benefit from a streamlined selling process designed with their peace of mind in mind.

Step 1: Complete KYC Verification

Begin your journey by becoming a KYC-verified member, ensuring a secure and transparent selling environment. Our straightforward verification process is designed to safeguard our community, ensuring every transaction upholds the highest standards of trust and integrity.

Step 2: Valuation & Fair Offer

Receive a competitive valuation for your gold and silver, based on current market prices and the purity of your items. Our expert team provides transparent assessments, ensuring you get a fair offer that reflects the true value of your precious metals.

Step 3: Complete Your Sale

Finalize your sale with confidence, knowing that your transaction is conducted in a secure, ethical manner. As a valued member of the MEGASI community, enjoy the peace of mind that comes from dealing with a trusted partner committed to ethical practices and the empowerment of our members.

Membership Notice: Our membership processing is currently backlogged. Support us (below) and reserve your spot and join our mission towards ethical and inclusive finance.

"Gold and silver are not just metals, but treasures refined by Allah to test the faith and gratitude of humanity."

 -The Mediocre Poet

A Glimpse into Their Enduring Value and Ethical Impact

The Timeless Strength of Gold and Silver

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