Muzakkian Masjid Network Partner Expectations

Muzakkian Masjid Network Partner Expectations

1. Commitment to Sunnah: Partner Masjids must demonstrate a steadfast commitment to following the Sunnah (the practices and teachings of the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him). This includes adherence to Islamic jurisprudence based on authentic hadiths and the Quran.

2. Adherence to Ethical and Moral Standards: Partner Masjids should uphold high ethical and moral standards, promoting a culture of honesty, integrity, and accountability within their community.

3. Non-Discrimination: Partner Masjids must embrace inclusivity and ensure that all members and visitors, regardless of their background, ethnicity, or gender, are treated with respect and dignity in accordance with Islamic principles.

4. Financial Transparency: Partner Masjids should maintain transparent financial records and practices, ensuring that funds are managed responsibly and ethically.

5. Collaboration and Engagement: Partner Masjids are expected to actively collaborate with Muzakkian on shared initiatives and projects, fostering a spirit of cooperation and community support.

6. Community Outreach: Partner Masjids should actively engage in community outreach and welfare activities, both within and outside the Muslim community, as part of their commitment to social responsibility.

7. Compliance with Local Laws: Partner Masjids must comply with all relevant local laws and regulations, promoting a positive image of the Islamic community within the wider society.

8. Support for Muzakkian Initiatives: Partner Masjids should actively support the initiatives and programs of the Muzakkian organization, including volunteering and actively participating in collaborative projects.

9. Commitment to Education: Partner Masjids should prioritize educational programs and activities that promote Islamic knowledge and understanding among their members and the broader community.

10. Respect for Diversity: Partner Masjids should respect and appreciate the diversity within the Muslim Ummah and promote unity and solidarity among Muslims.

These requirements serve as a foundation for collaboration within the Muzakkian Masjid Network and ensure that partner Masjids share common values and goals in promoting the welfare and well-being of the community. Specific requirements may vary based on the organization’s objectives and the needs of the community it serves.

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