Artisans of the Future: Empowering Creativity and Innovation

As technology continues to advance and automate many industries, the future of work is rapidly changing. The Order of the Artisans, a 501c3 private operating foundation, recognizes this shift and believes that the future belongs to those who can harness their creativity and imagination to create something of value. This is why we define an Artisan as any individual who utilizes imagination and diligence to create a product of value.

One of the key ways we are working to empower artisans and promote this future is through the Int3rplanetary ecosystem and DAO. The Int3rPlanetary DAO is a decentralized platform that allows for community members, including artisans and their patrons, to propose and vote on initiatives that align with our mission of promoting creativity and innovation.

The Int3rplanetary ecosystem and DAO is also a way to build a more equitable and transparent system by providing a decentralized platform for the artisans and the community members to share their voice and vote on proposals.

Our mission is to inspire human progress, equality, and unity, to develop an international network of artisans, to disrupt unethical business, to develop an artisan-centric social-economic safety net and to implement community support initiatives where the need arises.

Additionally, we also work to promote awareness of the importance of creativity and imagination in shaping the future through various forms of outreach and communication. By investing in education and training programs that focus on developing these skills, society will be able to create a more diverse and innovative world where individuals can find fulfillment and purpose in their work.

Join us in our mission to empower artisans and shape a future that is brighter, more diverse, and more innovative.

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